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Comic #160


  • You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike
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  • The Missing Link

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Here's a preview of Rutabaga book 1! 128 pages of full color Rutabaga wonderfulness! Pre-orders are going on now until the end of the month: Rutabaga: The Adventure Chef Book 1 pre-order
Uploaded by EricColossal at 02:17 on 27 March
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Brand New Site!

Posted 02:53
Wed 29 May
by EricColossal

Hello friends! Here is the brand new Rutabaga site! I hope I didn't screw anything up! I've imported every comic and news post with their correct dates. I updated the RSS so people using RSS shouldn't have to do anything. The only thing I can't bring over is the comments from the main site. I'm going to try using Disqus here and see how it goes. Please bear with me as I figure this out! Thanks!

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