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Comic #148


  • You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike
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  • The Missing Link

Author's Comment

Look what came in the mail! An advanced copy of the Rutabaga Book! It's so gorgeous, I'm so proud of it! If you want one of your very own you can pre-order it here: Rutabaga: The Adventure Chef pre-order. The book comes out on March 24th! WOOOOO!
Uploaded by EricColossal at 23:42 on 09 January


Brand New Site!

Posted 02:53
Wed 29 May
by EricColossal

Hello friends! Here is the brand new Rutabaga site! I hope I didn't screw anything up! I've imported every comic and news post with their correct dates. I updated the RSS so people using RSS shouldn't have to do anything. The only thing I can't bring over is the comments from the main site. I'm going to try using Disqus here and see how it goes. Please bear with me as I figure this out! Thanks!

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